Saturday, October 3, 2020

Censorship on WordPress?

 What I got hundreds of times from Wordpress recently:

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I am then incapable of publishing anymore... There are other indications that my site is manipulated into inexistence... Hours with Wordpress on the phone have not been productive:"Out of my hands" said the technician... Scary

So back to Blogger...

Monday, November 4, 2019

1989: End of Cold War. Start of Unbridled Oligarchic Plutocratization. Now… Terrorized By Warren!!

Warren Scares Financial Plutocracy: There are periods for revolutions: From 1776 (onset of US war of independence), or 1789 (French and US republican and human rights constitutions) until 1848 (revolutions all over Europe) and 1865 (end of US Secession War and US slavery). Just like there are times for fascist attack: 1914-1945. In 1789 US Vice President Al Gore announced that there was a terrestrial emergency, from the CO2 catastrophe… Not in these terms, so it was not taken too seriously by the deciding elite.

 Since then world plutocracy instrumentalized the globalization rendered possible by the end of the Cold War. Yet even if Ms. Warren cannot get most of her more far-reaching proposals through Congress, as is likely, finance executives fear and moan that as president she would appoint regulators who would actually take a far stricter view of the industry, and enact laws and regulations passed… Under Obama.

 Consider this: “Everyone is nervous,” said Steven Rattner, a prominent Democratic donor who manages the wealth of Michael R. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor. “What scares the hell out of me is the way she would fundamentally change our free-enterprise system.” So the ex-mayor of New York is so wealthy, another hyper wealthy man financing “democrats” (of his own choosing, with his own ideas, and feelings) is managing his fortune… 

 Meditate this: Mitch Draizen, a former fund-raiser for Mr. Obama who made his money in the financial industry (surprise, surprise, remember we have no corruption in the USA, financing Obama is no corruption), said he would back Ms. Warren’s candidacy against Mr. Trump’s. But he is supporting former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. this time, worried about Ms. Warren’s disruptive approach.

“She would be just as unpredictable and unproductive as Trump if she were to become president, and who needs that,” he said. “She’s getting a little carried away and to me it’s irresponsible.” What is is more responsible than a great white shark? “She’s screwing around with the wrong guy. I want to give it all away, but I want to control the decision. I don’t want the government giving away my money. The idea of vilifying wealthy people is so bogus,” billionaire Leon Cooperman, worth more than three billion dollars. Cooperman declared Warren’s proposed wealth tax is “morally and socially bankrupt.”

 Plutocrats know everything about morality, they rape it, everyday. And of course everybody gives it all away: that’s called death. Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, plutocrats use their present wealth to steer the world in the direction they like, where their perverse morality, their satanic, Dark Side morality rules.

And this is the gift they leave behind. Look at Augustus.His gift was called Tiberius. And others he personally knew, who came to rule too, including… emperor Galba… Actually Trump has mostly fought globalization, the exportation of jobs, investment and know-how to, mostly, China. And that was very effective: the US economy got a boost from it, obviously. And one can compare. Europe has been affected just as badly by the phenomenon of exporting industry and IP to China. For example, the French nuclear know-how was exported to China… while being forgotten in France. Thus now China makes and sells reactors most of the research on was made in France, for a generation. The same happened with trains, is developing with Airbus. (China was excluded, at US insistence, from the International Space Station, just from fear of IP theft… Not happening with Russia, as Russia was more advanced in more ways than one…) However, the US, thanks to Trump’s local plutocracy drive, has reacted to the exportation of everything to China (by and for the intermediaries, those wealthy, world controlling plutocrats). Conclusion, the US has avoided a recession, for the longest time, ever.

As Europe is slowly sinking into one, led by… Germany. A small financial elite has grabbed the levers of command of the planet. This is not really a new phenomenon, it was condemned already in the Bible. The hyper wealthy will go to paradise less than a camel through a needle, hence the interdiction to lend to one’s coreligionists found in Judaism and its descendants. The “money changers” are parasites, as soon as they earn too much money for what they do, as is presently the case. To help moneyed individuals to invest is one thing.

What we have now is something else, a giant corruption machine. The finance industry has money laundered cash from corrupt regimes or fossil fuel industry, as set up by FDR in 1945. Too much money is done by transactions so fast that normal individuals cannot partake, and which the “industry” itself creates. Also some of the leverage used is enormous, out of proportion relative to the size of the world real economy, it’s a case of the tail moving the dog, and a case of free money for a tiny gang.

A way to cut that out is simply to introduce a financial transaction tax: even if very small, of no consequence for normal investors, it would be enough.

 The hyper wealthy financial plutocracy a dreadful influence on decision makers, worldwide, starting with banks, governments. Thus the world keeps investing in fossil fuels instead of new energies (such as hydrogen, fusion, etc. energies which get less money in a year than many individual financial parasites), and in sports and the like, instead of housing for the needy (a reader here pointed out here, the salaries of a couple of sport idiots is as great as all thermonuclear research in the USA)…

 The Roman Republic survived 5 centuries, thus as long as it had no billionaire (Roman Republican taxation was 100% above the equivalent of $30 million). Globalization enabled the wealthy to escape that, they plotted, and the Republic died. Yes Trump will probably defeat Warren: too much misogyny around… And Trump has actually been effective against globalization. But what is important is to advance the ideas, change the underlying emotions. And, in four years there will be another campaign. Patrice Ayme
 Some of the essence of the preceding was sent, under more moderate guise, to the New York Times as comments of articles critical of Elizabeth Warren’s program. Such articles focus on the distress of the financial industry, the anxiety of the medical industry, as Warren threatens in the distance, etc. The latest such article confronted the ogre Warren, boldly identifying her to… Trump (as quoted above) the article also revealed the financial plutocracy is so scared that the laws and regulations passed under Obama, thanks to Sen. Warren, would be applied… Because, turns out, they are not. Those comments of mine were censored, because the New York Times is terrorized of Warren and her alleged alter ego, Donald Trump (!) So in depth analogies and advocacy are unacceptable. Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, Obamacare was nothing (I have long said, except a gift to the wealthiest in US health care)… Warren confirms this. As Sanders campaigns with the Sharia refugee and perpetrator, Omar, who got elected to the US Congress to promote her opinion that women are half of men legally. Is it progressive to be pro-Sharia now? Because subjugating women is the future, according to pseudo-progressives?
 [1] Trump supported Farage, the financial guy who became the inventor of the Brexit notion in a long phone call, last week. Now Trump is very much disliked in Britain. So that call led, unsurprisingly, to an immediate collapse of Brexit Party support by 50%! (OK, Farage not running may have helped.) People who have no feeling for Machiavellianism may not understand that, this way, Trump was helping Boris Johnson, in the guise of helping his opponent (like Nero helped Claudius with a serving of mushrooms). Another example of Machiavellianism is the Trump Impeachment by the plutocrats and plutophiles leading the “Democratic” party… It is designed to make Warren fail…

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Sub Quantum Problem Goes Beyond the Quandary of Measurement

Wave Mechanics compute probabilities of occurrence. Given the wave W, an infinitesimal variation of W is dW = i (Hamiltonian (W)) dt. The simplest differential equation imaginable (Schrodinger Equation, SE). Then the particle jumps out where W is strong, according to SE. So we get Quantum jumps: W becomes a point particle. That was the experimental situation for 95 years (since De Broglie got SE). However, we now know that there is another process than Quantum Mechanics at work: Michel Devoret and Al. were able to predict Quantum Jumps (published June 2019). Quantum Mechanics is thus incomplete: it can’t predict itself (but Devoret can!) Call this existing situation Sub Quantum Physical Reality (SQPR). The question with SQPR is what could it be? Nonlinear, for sure, because so are the “jumps”. This is no Platonic debate: SQPR could well bring predictions (or postdictions?) such as Dark Matter. At least, so I claim. Notice also that local time (central to PoincarĂ©’s Relativity theory) is a Quantum phenomenon (it counts photons oscillating between mirrors). Thus SQPR is not bound by it (thus to claim SQPR violates Relativity is no objection)..

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Rationality Without a Prior Irrational Jump

Any logic L1 is derived from a finite number of axioms. Any discovery not consequence of these will require another logic L2. Going from L1 to L2 is only logical in a Meta logic, LM. In any case L2 and LM are NOT rational in L1. That means irrationality is what feeds rationality!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Plutocratization Can Be Helped By Welfare: Rome

One of the cause of the increasing inequality is simply that those who control public opinion (media owners and managers, pundits), are, in general, very wealthy, or sympathetic to wealth, in the USA. Thus appears a strong pro-plutocratic bias in the media. That same effect is characteristic of banana republics. It makes it unlikely that a civilized debate will get out of the plutocratic comfort zone. Thus, insensibly, inequality and poverty augment. The case of Rome, where panem, circenses and alimenti (food stamps) were inaugurated show an alarming point: welfare programs can comfort plutocratization.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Reshoring, Globalization, Plutocratization

I agree with the notion that global trade's growth has abated, as many one time improvements are behind us. But there is more to say. What was the main enabler of globalization? Plutocratization. Globalization allowed plutocrats to augment their production, hence power, all the more as they could buy the local potentates, hence the local law, while avoiding the laws of their countries of origin. A developing problem for plutocrats is the rise of transnational laws, regulations, and even examinations (!) to foil their plutocratic plots. For example, if Apple is condemned to pay more than 2% tax, it may reconsider some of its global gymnastics. If capital cannot take refuge overseas, it will have to invest locally. As observed with reshoring. The pirates are coming home to roost.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deficit Reduction Scam? Barack Rand Obama Paul?

Much of the deficit reduction may be a scam. Banks have been repaying the government, using money from QE. Moreover; From the Wall Street Journal today: "The sequester is squeezing the very programs liberals care most about—including the National Endowment for the Arts, green-energy subsidies, the Environmental Protection Agency and National Public Radio. Outside Washington, the sequester is forcing a fiscal retrenchment for such liberal special-interest groups as Planned Parenthood and the National Council of La Raza, which have grown dependent on government largess..... Liberals had hoped that re-electing Mr. Obama, the most pro-spending president since LBJ, would unleash another four years of Great Society government expansion. Instead, spending caps and the sequester are squashing these progressive dreams. Welcome to the new fiscal reality in Washington. All Republicans need to do is enforce the budget laws Mr. Obama has already agreed to. Entitlement reforms will come when liberals realize that the unhappy alternative is to allow every program they cherish to keep shrinking." What is there to celebrate? That we don't need to elect Rand Paul to the White House, because he is already there, and has already enated his program? PA