Wednesday, November 5, 2008



The racial Civil War started 147 years ago. Some will say it ended with Obama's election (thus nicely forgetting that Africans were enslaved in English America 390 years ago). But what about the plutocratic civil war? The one of the rich against the people? Is that finished too? As it turns out, the racial war is a particular case of that war of the rich against the poor. God, in the fourteenth century had told the Pope that Africans could be enslaved, and the Pope dutifully wrote a bull recommending that, and the invasion of Africa. That was most pleasing to the plutocrats in Portugal. Like in Iraq with the oil nowadays, there was money to be made in Africa with sugarcane. In the Americas, it's the rich who acquired millions of African slaves, to produce very profitable tobacco. Those slaves were extremely expensive to purchase: the rich in America committed the crime of slavery, it's not everybody who did it. Most people had nothing to do with it.

President Washington, who got started in the military and real estate, playing the Brits, the French, the Indians, and the average Joe in a masterful game, finished as a big slave master, and the richest man in the USA. He resisted his friend Lafayette's entreaties to outlaw slavery. Twelve US presidents owned slaves (yes, more than 25%).

It's not just the Bush team that came short in recent years, but the entire plutocracy has finally shown its ugly face for everybody to contemplate. Flushed by increasing bubbles, the plutocracy became ever more arrogant, so arrogant, it had decided to conquer the world physically, or at least where the oil was. As the American people initially applauded the decision, the plutocracy became ever more arrogant, and engaged in ever more dangerous and abusive financial practices. Thus it finally tripped in Iraq, and in banking corruption unbound. Apparently not satisfied with the enslavement of Africans, now most Americans had also to be treated as means to ever greater riches. It's no coincidence that the people has chosen one who would have been looked at as a slave a little while ago: the entire American people has good reason to feel enslaved now. Most Americans feel black, in more ways than one.

The Plutocracy forced God fundamentalism on the people ("In God We Trust" was imposed in 1956). Thus God could tell Bush to invade Iraq. So, sure the Bush team was going from blunder to blunder, but that was a method of government, born of total contempt. It was taken for granted that the plutocracy would keep on governing: by making people naive and uncritical. Even at this late hour, it has asked for a trillion dollars for itself, so it could pay its bonuses past and present (those total more than 110 billions, according to respected newspapers).

Thus there is a bigger picture than slavery and racism. Slavery and racism originated in Pluto's world. They were literally political and psychological derivatives that plutocracy used as an exoskeleton. The greater war of rich against poor is far from won: many mass psychological structures of the USA support the plutocracy, not the People. Just look at the coins; they do not trust the People ("E Pluribus Unum" was the original slogan of the USA). Instead the coins order us to trust "God", the one that brought us slavery and the invasion of Iraq.

Well, it may be time to remember that Rome did not have racism, but Rome had plutocracy, and ultimately, that plutocracy destroyed Rome.

Patrice Ayme.

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